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“Americana Highway” is a new show celebrating the music of the goliaths of Rock/Country Tom Petty, Neil Young, John Fogerty, The Band and many more.
The show is performed by Sydney’s Americana specialists band, “THE SICARIOS” (Spanish for, ‘Hitmen’), who will rock you back to a time when “gigs” had nothing to do with computers and everything to do with the crack of a snare, twang of a Fender, the sweet liquor of vocal harmony and boot heels bouncing on a packed dance floor.
Led by the irrepressible Lloyd G on drums/vocals out front (The Atlantics, Lionel Ritchie, Tina Arena, Christine Anu, Russell Morris, Steve Kilby, Doc Neeson, Perry Keyes, Swanee, Dave Warner, The Flood, Harrisongs, etc) and some of Australia’s finest musicians,
the Sicarios play music as hot now as it was then – the soundtrack for most of our lives.
Don’t miss this band.