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Why is Rock the Boat departing from Brisbane in 2020?

As we will be celebrating ten years of Rock the Boat, and the Radiance of the Seas has been our home for the better part of the last five years, we wanted to celebrate on board a ship our passengers know and love. Brisbane is the Radiance’s new home for the 2020 season so we can’t wait to sail out of their brand-new port for this special cruise.

What is the price for quad share and double share rooms?

Depending on which type of cabin you are after, you can check cabin pricing and availability for all share types here:

Do I need to purchase travel insurance for my cruise?

This one is very important! Guests who do not hold international travel insurance that covers medical costs, repatriation and other expenses may be refused entry into New Caledonia. It is strongly recommended that all guests take out Travel Insurance for this holiday to avoid being denied entry into New Caledonian ports. Please speak to your Cruiseco Travel Agent at the time of booking about Travel Insurance.
If in the unlikely event you must cancel your cruise and do not have travel insurance, standard cancellation fees apply, this is no exception, so it is better to be safe than sorry!

Will I need a passport for this cruise?

Yes, a passport is required for Rock the Boat 2020. As we travel to New Caledonia during the voyage, we are leaving Australian waters so a valid passport will be required to clear customs to board the ship. Please note, it is a requirement to have a minimum of 6 months validity on your passport from the date you arrive back into Australia at the end of your cruise. Be sure to check this as if you have a current passport with less than six months left on it, you will need to get a new one before you board.

Will I be able to get off at the Ports of Call? How much will Shore Excursions & Tours cost?

Yes, when we stop off in all Ports of Call you will get the chance to take part in the Shore Excursions & Tours or even just get off the Ship and explore for yourself at your own pace. Once you board the Radiance you will get a list of the different types of day trips available for the upcoming Port – if there is a specific trip you would like to do, it is recommended you book it as soon as possible at the Shore Excursions Desk. The tour prices vary, based on duration & type.
You can also pre-book Shore Excursions before your cruise through Royal Caribbean’s website – this is available on your cruise planner once you complete your online check-in which will be available when your booking number is sent to you with your cruise documents approximately 3-4 weeks before sailing.
Remember, guests who do not hold international travel insurance that covers medical costs, repatriation and other expenses may be refused entry into New Caledonia… so don’t forget your travel insurance!

Is entertainment on board free?

All Rock the Boat 2020 artist performances, on board experiences and entertainment is included in your ticket price. NOTE* Some extra Radiance shipboard activities such as bingo and fitness classes incur a minimal charge. Refer to your cruise compass daily in-room newsletter for further information whilst onboard.

Do I need to reserve tickets for any shows?

No, you do not. There will be two sittings for each headliner show which are governed by your dining time. This gives everyone the opportunity to see each of the headliner shows without worrying about missing out on a seat in the theatre. The rest of the shows around the ship are general admission, so you can pick and choose which ones you want to see each day.

How will I know who's playing when? Is there a timetable available?

Each night your daily newsletter called COMPASS will be delivered to your stateroom during turndown service. This includes information you will need for the next day along with a full schedule of the next days performances and activities.

We also have the CYC app you can download before your cruise which you can use as a portable cruise compass on your smart phone. The CYC app also includes information on venues, artist bios and updates from Choose Your Cruise. Please note, you will need an internet connection while on board to have an up to date copy of the app. It will work offline but will only be as updated as the last day you had the internet on your phone so if you do not have the internet while at sea, it may be best to refer to your cruise compass for confirmed times or activities on a specific day.

How do I download the Choose Your Cruise app?

1. Launch the App Store (iPhone users) or Play Store (Android Users)
2. Search ‘Choose Your Cruise’
3. Tap the Choose Your Cruise app you wish to download (it’s free!)
4. Tap Get/Install to download to your device
5. Follow the prompts on your device – you will need to enter your Apple ID/Touch ID when prompted via Apple/iOS or accept terms and conditions in Play Store before downloading
6. Wait for the download to finish, the app icon will appear on your device’s home screen when done.

Once downloaded, open the app and sign up to start
1. Click the Choose Your Cruise app now installed on your smartphone/tablet device
2. You will be prompted with a screen to sign up using an email address
3. Following successful sign up, you can use the app to view artist profiles, program times, schedule performance reminders and keep up to date on important information regarding your cruise.
*Please remember to turn OFF data roaming on your device when using this app, as you will need an internet connection to keep an updated schedule. We recommend using the ship’s onboard Wi-Fi to avoid unwanted roaming costs from your phone provider when you return home. Please note the entertainment schedule on the app listed is correct at the time of update, please check your daily compass for any changes to the listed schedule of performances that may occur during the voyage.

How do the headliner shows coincide with the dinner seatings?

At the time of booking, you can request for a specific dining time, being early (6.30pm dinner) or late (8.30pm dinner) – this will coincide with the headliner performances which are early (6pm show) or late (9pm show). If you are on early dining, your show time will be the late session and vice versa.
We have arranged this in order to assure every passenger on board can see each headliner perform in the theatre on the cruise. You are not permitted to see both shows – please do not try and take a seat away from another passenger, we will have security at the door checking SeaPass cards upon entry to assure everyone is at their allocated showtime.
Please note, dining selections are on a request basis only and are subject to availability. If one dining/show time is fully booked, the other will be automatically allocated to you.

What else is included in the price of the cruise?

Your cabin fare entitles you to the following:
• Rockin’ 7-night cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s Radiance of the Seas
• All meals, activities, entertainment and gratuities (excluding drinks, specialty restaurants & duty-free shopping) on board
• Port charges and government taxes.

Are all the restaurants on board included in the price of the cruise?

Short answer: No, not all of them. The Radiance of the Seas has a selection of specialty restaurant options – premium dining options such as Giovanni’s Table, IZUMI, Chef’s Table, Samba Grille & Chops Grille all incur a dining surcharge. Contact your Cruiseco agent for more information.

What is the difference between a high occupancy and a double occupancy cabin?

High occupancy rooms mean they can sleep more than two people (usually 3-4 passengers) and double occupancy means it can sleep a maximum of two passengers. If you were looking to book a twin share room, you can really book any type of room however if there was 3 or more in the room you could only opt for the high occupancy options.

I hope this helps with your query, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff on 1300 247 371 if you have any further questions or would like to go ahead with a booking for this cruise.

I need to fly into Brisbane for this cruise, when do you recommend I book my flights for?

We would suggest if you wish to fly in on the day of departure, book the earliest flight you can. Please be cautious booking a flight with a discount airline as they can cancel flights last minute. Most passengers choose to fly in a day or so before and choose to stay close to the terminal and avoid any issues if your flight gets changed.
On the day of arrival back into Brisbane, we recommend a flight home from 11am onwards. This will give you plenty of time to get off the ship and clear customs, then arrive to the airport to check in for your flight home.

Will I need a Visa for this cruise?

Australian passport holders do not usually require a Visa to travel to New Caledonia. It would be best to check with your travel agent at time of booking just in case.

Are there children’s facilities available on board? Can kids come on this cruise?

Royal Caribbean have a fantastic kids club on board, catering for children from six months right up to teenagers! There is something for everyone at Royal Caribbean’s signature Adventure Ocean which offers a variety of activities and programming for children and their families to ensure there is plenty to do onboard. Royal Caribbean has dedicated facilities for children, where trained crew members supervise the children and guide them through different daily offerings.

Many of our artists bring their families on board, including children too so you never know who might become your kids cruise bestie for the week!

Are payment plans available for this cruise?

Selected Cruiseco agents offer the option of monthly repayments (conditions apply) – it is best to check with your travel agent to see what payment option best suits you.

Bookings made with Choose Your Cruise are available for monthly payment instalments. Your cruise fare will be divided into payments of how many months are left before final payment is due. To ensure the lowest monthly repayments, we recommend booking early!

Where does the ship go and what are the ports of call?

Rock the Boat 2020 departs from Brisbane, Australia and sails to the South Pacific on its 7-night itinerary from November 24th-December 1st, 2020. Ports of Call include Isle of Pines and Noumea in New Caledonia. For more information, you can visit the itinerary on our website.

I am a single traveller, what are the prices for a single room?

Single passengers are required to pay a 200% single supplement for this cruise – please refer to pricing for Rock the Boat or call your local Cruiseco agent for a quote and cabin availability.

What is the electrical voltage equipped for Royal Caribbean ships? Will I need a power adaptor?

Royal Caribbean ships are equipped with North American standard, 110 volts AC and standard European 220/230 volts AC outlets. Australian converter plugs are available to purchase at your local travel store or supermarket in the electrical aisle. We recommend bringing 2-3 plugs per room as a small number of adaptors will be available from the guest relations desk on board, however stock is limited.

Please note: Power boards are not allowed on the ship – if you bring one with you it will be confiscated at check-in as it is a fire safety risk.

How do I pay for drinks and merchandise on board?

You will receive your SeaPass card at check in which is the only form of payment on board, no cash is exchanged. This key card is the key to your room and identification on board, so it is recommended you take it with you everywhere you go on the ship. Although all meals and performances are paid for (excluding speciality dining options), if you would like to purchase duty-free souvenirs, shore excursions or alcoholic beverages etc., you will need to use your SeaPass card.

At the end of the cruise, you can pay your account either by cash or simply charge to your credit card. Drinks packages are available for purchase on board this charter, refer to your Cruiseco travel agent for more information.

What is the onboard currency? Is cash used on board?

The onboard currency is $USD – you can pay for items using your onboard account which can be converted into Australian dollars at the end of your cruise, or by using a cash account where you can pay in cash to the converted equivalent of your balance. No cash is used on board aside from in the Casino, which only accepts American Dollars.

What is the currency used at the ports of call?

Noumea and Isle of Pines are in New Caledonia, and the local currency of New Caledonia is French Pacific Francs, or CFP franc. Australian and New Zealand dollars may be accepted, but the exchange rate is usually less favourable that by using the local currency.

Small Aussie notes ($5, $10, $20) will be accepted at markets and local businesses on the smaller islands, and many credit cards are accepted in Noumea, just be sure you are fully aware of conversion and international fees when using your credit card. Also, be sure to let your bank know you are traveling overseas to avoid your card being flagged for fraudulent activity while on holiday.

Will there be beverage packages available to purchase on this cruise? When can I purchase it?

Beverage packages will be available on this cruise; however, they will not be available to book until closer to sailing date, approximately 2 months prior which is when all of our passengers will be provided with online check in details where you can log in and pre-purchase add-ons such as drink packages, specialty dining and shore excursions. Pricing for beverage packages varies between cruises and duration time, but for the ultimate beverage package, we recommend budgeting approximately AUD$90-$100 per day.

Please note: Any guest wishing to purchase an alcoholic beverage package must do so for all guests of legal drinking age in the same stateroom, for sailings on or after December 31st, 2017. We cannot make any exemptions to this rule, even if a medical certificate is presented.

What drink packages are available to purchase?

There is a selection of drink packages available, from the ultimate package (approx. AUD$90-100 per day) which includes Cocktails, liquor, spirits, beer, wine and soda, to the Refreshment Package (Approx. AUD$40-50 per day) which includes mocktails and soft drinks, bottled water, coffee, tea and juices or a classic soda (Approx. AUD$20 per day) or water package. For more information on beverage packages, click here.

If I purchase a beverage package, do the rest of the people traveling in my room have to purchase one?

Yes. Any guest wishing to purchase an alcoholic beverage package must do so for all guests of legal drinking age in the same stateroom, for sailings on or after December 31st, 2017. We cannot make any exemptions to this rule, even if a medical certificate is presented.

Do you have options available for people with special dietary requirements?

Royal Caribbean pride themselves on their fantastic cuisine and understand the diversity of passengers’ food requirements. If you have any specific food requirements, such as lactose/gluten intolerance, veganism etc, simply tell your Cruiseco agent when booking. There are vegetarian and gluten free options on every menu.

Are there dance floors on the ship?

There are many dance floors on board from the Centrum, to the Colony Club plus many more… if you wish to dance the night away, or simply sit back and relax and enjoy a performance, this beautiful ship tailors for all styles of Rock the Boat passengers.

What type of clothes shall we pack? Do we need casual/formal attire?

Shorts, t-shirts, slacks, trousers, casual skirts, blouses and sundresses are all perfect during the day, whether indoors or out.

Suggested guidelines for nights are:

Casual: Sport shirts and slacks for men, sundresses or pants for women
Smart Casual: Jackets for men, dresses or pantsuits for women
Formal: There are no formal nights onboard however some passengers choose to “frock up” for the Captain’s Cocktail Party.

Are there theme nights on board?

Of course! We love the theme nights on board Rock the Boat just as much as the passengers! We have a wide range of fun, interactive theme nights that encourage passengers to relax, have fun and take part in our full-ship dress-up parties and events!

If dressing up isn’t for you – don’t worry, it’s not compulsory. However, it is certainly encouraged!

Theme nights on board Rock the Boat 2020 are 70’s & 80’s Rock Gods, ‘Schools Out!’ (School uniform party) and ‘When I Grow Up’ – what did you want to be when you were an adult? We’re all kids at heart so show us what you wanted to be!

What types of shops are there on the ship?

There are many different types of shops on the Radiance of the Seas, boutique stores that sell the best of the best brand names along with clothing and souvenirs, all at Duty Free prices!

We will also have official Rock the Boat merchandise available on board along with artist merch – but be sure to get in fast, they sell out quickly!

What can we do to reduce the effect of motion sickness?

The Radiance of the Seas is a modern ship fitted with stabilizers that will make the biggest wave seem like a tiny little movement. We are also travelling at the smoothest time of the year, in an area of ocean that is known for smooth sailing. If by any chance you do feel unwell once you get on board, complimentary sea sickness ginger tablets can be obtained from the guest services desk, or you can visit the medical staff on board.

If you would like to bring medication with you on board, Phenergan (promethazine) or Kwells (hyoscine hydrobromide) are popular over the counter medications recommended by previous passengers. It is recommended you take these a few days before your cruise, so they are in your system before we depart. We recommend talking to your healthcare professional or pharmacist for what the best options are for you.

What exclusive benefits does a guest receive when booking a suite?

Our cruises offer an enhanced programme for Suite Guests staying in the following suites:
Royal Suite, Owners Suite, Owners Suite (Two Bedroom), Grand Suite, (Excludes Junior Suites).

These perks include the following:

• Priority check-in
• Personalised attention throughout the cruise with the complimentary Concierge Club service
• Priority tender tickets on selected ports of call
• Full breakfast, lunch and dinner dining room menus available for in-room dining
• Luxury spa bathrobes and premium amenities for use on-board
• Complimentary ironing service on formal night
• Priority departure

Is there a deck plan of ship and cabins?

Simply hover over the ‘Cabins & Pricing’ tab at the top navigation header, click ‘DECK PLANS’ and you will be directed to a full detailed deck plan of the luxurious Radiance of the Seas, your “home away from home” aboard Rock the Boat 2020.

How do I complete Online Check-In? And when can I log in?

In order to speed up the check in process and avoid lengthy queues at the terminal on embarkation day, you must complete the online check in & print out your SetSail Pass on the Royal Caribbean website:
(NOTE* This procedure is open online approx. 30 days before sail.)

• Click on Before You Board tab
• Then go to Online Check-in
• Type in your surname, reservation number, departure date of the cruise and the ship name (Radiance of the Seas).
Follow through the steps for each passenger sharing your cabin, print out your SetSail Pass and keep this safe with your other travel documentation – you will need this for your check-in at the ship. Please refer to your travel agent if in doubt

Your reservation number is the number shown on your Cruiseco Cruise Voucher in the box titled ‘Supplier Confirmation Number’ which is included in your documentation which will be sent to you closer to the sailing date. This number is not the confirmation number you will receive when you place your initial booking request.

The information you enter online must be identical to the way it appears on your passport. Discrepancies may result in delayed or denied boarding.

Do I need to bring my own beach towel?

You can leave your beach towel at home! There are facilities available on board for towel hire at the pool and for port days. You simply scan your SeaPass card by the towel kiosk and scan it again when you return them. Remember to bring them back otherwise a USD$25 fee per towel will be applied to your account for lost property.

Are there hair dryers in each room?

Each room on board is equipped with a hair dryer – that’s one less thing you need to pack!

What laundry services are available? Can I bring an iron on board?

For safety concerns self-service laundry facilities are not provided onboard, but Royal Caribbean do offer washing, pressing and dry-cleaning services. Irons are not provided in the staterooms as they constitute a fire hazard, so please leave yours at home otherwise they will be confiscated at check in.

Is Wi-Fi Internet available on board?

For an additional fee, you can access the internet, send e-mails or send your family a e-postcard with your picture on it at the Royal Caribbean Online kiosk on deck 5. Wi-fi packages are available to purchase for use of personal devices at sea such as laptops and smartphones.

Royal Caribbean offer two types of internet packages on board, a Surf package – useful for checking emails and updating social media, and a Surf & Stream package, which is a faster connection suitable for uploading photos and videos, sending larger files and streaming TV shows and movies on your device.
Prices for internet does vary, however a single day pass is approximately USD$22.99 per day, per device; and a package for the cruise duration works at approximately USD$15.99 per day, per device for a Surf package and USD$19.99 per day, per device for a Surf & Stream package for one device. The more devices on the package, the cheaper it becomes per device.

Where is the departure and arrival terminal located?

Radiance of the Seas will be based at the new Brisbane International Cruise Terminal (BICT) at Luggage Point on the north side of the Brisbane River for the 2020 cruise season.

How do I get to the Brisbane International Cruise Terminal from the airport?

It is a short distance from the Brisbane Domestic and International airport terminals so you will only need to allocate 10-15 minutes in transit for heavy traffic periods. We recommend a taxi, Uber/ride sharing service or shuttle bus. Please check with your travel agent if a shuttle bus can be pre-booked with your booking.

What time can I check in to board the ship?

Closer to your cruise departure date, you will receive final documentation from your travel agent that includes check-in time which is governed by your deck level. This is usually in 30 minute – 1-hour increments so we recommend aiming to get to the pier on departure day at approximately 10am. Even if your check-in time is some time after this, you will be able to drop your bags and enjoy a coffee at a local café and come back when your time has arrived. It’s better to arrive nice and early without any problems than hold off until a later time and be stuck in traffic and run the risk of missing check-in!

What time can I drop my bags off at the terminal?

You will be able to drop your bags at the terminal from approximately 9am on departure date. There will be port agents available at the pier to take your bags to be sent onto the ship.

When you arrive at the Passenger Terminal and before proceeding to the check-in area, make sure that you tag your large bags baggage tag that is included in your documentation. Please complete this with your name, stateroom (cabin) number and date of cruise and then proceed to drop off your large bags at the Bag Drop zone. It is important that you have a tag for each bag that will be delivered to your stateroom by ship staff. Keep your hand luggage with you that includes any items that you will require within the next few hours. Please keep hand luggage to a minimum.


What is the earliest I can get off the ship at the end of my cruise?

The Radiance of the Seas will arrive back into Brisbane at approximately 6am on December 1st, and once we have the all clear from customs, passengers will be able to start the disembarkation process.

Full disembarkation instructions will be placed in your cabin by staff on the last day at sea. You will be given a colour coded ship identity tag to place on your bags and suitcases and be asked to place your packed suitcase outside your cabin door on the last evening. You will therefore need to keep essential items in your hand luggage (toiletries, clothes) for the following morning, as well as your passports and any documentation required for disembarkation. Disembarkation is staggered and will usually commence an hour or so after the ship docks, if you need to leave the ship earlier than your designated time, please let guest relations know and you can request to leave at an earlier time bracket. All guests will be off the ship no later than 9am.