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In a flamboyant and often controversial music career Jeff has released thirty albums, including a recent album with members of legendary British rock band Deep Purple.

When Duffo took refuge in England in the eighties, he had, as they say, worn out his welcome in Australian rock.

He was simply too much of a handfull, this ‘waif with a wharfie’s voice!’ camping it up out front of his trail- blazing rock ensemble ‘Kush’ At the time, Jeff’s androgynous stage persona, dressed n leotards, garish make-up & a touch of the operatics was considered far too outrageous for many Australian audiences…so Jeff aka Duffo headed for London.

Jeff quickly established himself in the UK & became the darling of London’s new wave movement during the eighties staying one step ahead of his peers with his flamboyant performances.
The exhibitionism & visual assault so integral to British punk culture could have been a sequence from Duffo’s own fertile imagination.

Soon Andy Warhol was issuing forth his oft-quoted utterence: ‘Sinatra, Presley, Jagger, Popeye…& now Duffo”

Duffo returned to Australia in the late eighties to re-introduce his powerful voice and unique style to the local music scene.

His recording & accompanying video of Lou Reed’s ‘Walk on the Wildside’ helped re-establish his career in oz & has become an Australian classic.

Jeff’s leading role in ‘Genius’, the Ray Charles gospel show staged in Melbourne was acclaimed by critics.’‘Duff was truly magnificent!…How such an extraordinarily soulful voice can come out of such a skinny white guy is beyond me, Duff possesses one of the finest voices in Australia.” [PBI FM Radio Melb]

Jeff’s longtime admiration for David Bowie eventually led him to staging his own popular ‘Ziggy’ and ‘Bowie Unzipped’ shows.
The ‘Ziggy’ show recently completed a national concert tour of Australia culminating with a capacity crowd at the State Theatre in Sydney and five sold out shows at the Sydney Opera House.

Jeff’s 2012 album ‘Fragile Spaceman’ received critical acclaim from music media ….
“Fragile Spaceman” is a mature, serious and beautiful statement from one of Australia’s more unique performers. ”He’s created one of the best albums you’ll hear all year”. [Australasian independent news & analysis] 

Bowie’s official website ‘BowieNet’ also gave the album a great rap ‘There truly are some beautiful moments on this album and Jeff is in extremely fine voice. I hear little hints, most likely unintentional, of Peter Gabriel, & Elbow….get yourself a copy” [BowieNet news Feb 2012]

Jeff had an acting role in Baz Lurmann’s multi-million dollar movie ‘Gatsby’ starring Leonardo Di Caprio which was filmed at Fox Studios in Sydney.

Over the last twelve months Jeff has released his thirtieth album titled ‘Walking on Eggshells’.

Duffo has recently returned to Oz from performing in Las Vegas where he received rave reviews.                                                                                   A ‘Duff-Odyssey’, a show Jeff conceived to perform his own original music has been playing to packed venues in Sydney and Melbourne.

Last year Melbourne Books published Jeff’s tell-all auto-biography titled ’This will explain everything’.   ”This is a fabulous encounter, and as an artefact in itself, the book is a thing of beauty’’[Ian McFarlane-Australian music journalist, music historian and author]


Duffo is currently on the road touring around Australia performing in the ‘British Invasion’ rock show.

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