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Deon has worked in the Australian music industry for over thirty- five years and has travelled the east coast of Australia as well as spending some time overseas.
He has worked with well-known cover bands including Hit Squad, Jakata, Tokyo Joe and many others as well as many show bands, covering music from the fifties to today with a voice that can cover Roy Orbison, Christopher Cross, Beach Boys, Enrique, Bon Jovi through to ACDC.
His vocal range and talent enables him to change his voice to suit many artists, making him a stand out among others. Most people are amazed at the versatility and quality of his vocals and over the years have complimented his performance and great guitar skills.
Deon performs an outstanding rendition of Led Zeppelin’s – Stairway to Heaven, Frankie Valley’s – Sherry, Choir Boys- Run to paradise just to name a few.
With his shining onstage presence and artistic flair, you are sure to enjoy Deon’s skilful and wonderful performance.

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