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CLEARWAY is not an Adelaide band, it’s an Adelaide institution! Originally formed in 1987 by the Lopresto brothers, Danny on vocals & Max on guitar, the band has been playing continuously to enthusiastic audiences, delivering high energy sets, catchy tunes and an unapologetic worship of old school Rock’N’Roll bombast! The band have supported many national & international acts such as Status Quo, INXS, Jimmy Barnes & John Farnham to name but a few. They have also played at such gigs as The Phillip Island Moto GP, The Australian Grand Prix & The Clipsal 500 before a crowd of 50,000!

Also joined by Brody Green, who is the Energizer Bunny of Adelaide drummers, experienced in playing progressive rock, metal, pop, rock, funk, jazz, folk, blues, reggae and latin all while singing backing vocals. CLEARWAY is now conquering its fourth decade with the same youthful vigour & shows no signs of slowing down!

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