The Voices: Mark Gable, Dale Ryder, Reece Mastin, Jason Singh


TAXIRIDE entered the charts at Number 1, with their critically acclaimed multiplatinum debut album ‘Imaginate’.

A rigorous touring schedule had them perched at the top of the Australian music tree culminating in the release of their smash hit “Creepin’ Up Slowly”; the Number 1 Australian Airplay song for 2002.

In 2013 Jason released his critically acclaimed debut album Humannequin and delivered the Jason Singh Project in 2016.

TAXIRIDE’s hit songs include:
Get Set
Everywhere You Go
Creepin’ Up Slowly
Oh Yeah
How I Got This Way

BOOM CRASH OPERA grew out of the fertile postpunk scene in Melbourne and blended an artful edge with canny commercial smarts.

Their debut single, 'Great Wall' was a top 10, followed by a cavalcade of hit songs. Songs like ‘Onionskin', 'The Best Thing', 'Hands Up In The Air' and 'Dancing In The Storm' became radio anthems that are still heard to this day and have been seized on by the advertising industry.

BOOM CRASH OPERA's hit songs include:
Great Wall
Onion Skin
Dancing in the Storm
The Best Thing
Hands Up in the Air

Entertaining Australian audiences for over 30 years, the iconic CHOIRBOYS are synonymous with Australian culture.

Penning one of the country's unofficial anthems 'Run to Paradise', CHOIRBOYS epitomise the essence of the Australian pub culture and are viewed by many as the quintessential Australian rock band.

CHOIRBOYS hit songs include:
Run to Paradise
Boys Will Be Boys
Never Gonna Die

Reece Mastin is the sound of now. Since winning The X-Factor in late 2011, Reece has amassed a stockpile of achievements including a 2 x Platinum #1 album, three consecutive chart-topping, radio-blasting singles (Aria Chart #1, #2, and #1 singles respectively).

With swagger and charisma, Reece Mastin is a magnetic performer and poignant songwriter, who was, without doubt, born to rock!

Reece's hit songs include:
Heartache Blues
Shut Up And Kiss Me
Shout It Out
You Gotta Go