The Romantics

1980 The Romantics released their debut LP. Anchored by “What I Like About You,” “When I Look In Your Eyes” and a cover of The Kinks, Ray Davies' “She's Got Everything.” The album is an exemplary pop-rock period piece. The Romantics evoked a youthful portrait, haunting in its innocence, a direct contrast to the tough world they know in Detroit. Now nearly 4 decades later they are still known for having created some of the most influential and beloved rock and roll of all time. In late 1990, the Romantics added current Blondie drummer Clem Burke to the lineup, and also received an award for Outstanding Pop/Rock Recording Artists from the Motor City Music Awards in 1992. In 1994 they released a 5 song EP titled “Made In Detroit” containing fellow Detroiter George Clintons' Funkadelic songs, “You & Your Folks.” And “I Wanna Know,” along with three originals. The Romantics were also presented with the Distinguished Achievement Award at the Detroit Music Awards in 1999.
“61/49” was released in the fall of 2003 and named for the storied crossroads near Clarksdale, Mississippi where bluesman Robert Johnson made his pact with the devil. “61/49” is intended as a tip of the hat to the roots of rock 'n' roll and forms the nucleus of The Romantics' fervent pop.

2003 also came with the addition of Brad Elvis regaled by both critics and fellow drummers for his precision beat-keeping and showmanship. 2011 brought the re-emergence of original bass player, vocalist, Rich Cole and Mike Skill back to guitar. The band is now able to expand their set list and include more songs from their first two albums, and
include new and unreleased material. In addition to being a staple on classic and contemporary rock radio, television shows, commercials and movies; Sirius/XM Satellite radio has also embraced The Romantics. Their songs can be heard on hundreds of stations around the world including Little Steven’s Underground Garage.
Once again much to the excitement of their fans worldwide, and the celebration of 4 Decades in February 2017, The Romantics Wally Palmar, Mike Skill, Brad Elvis, and Rich Cole will be touring the US and Europe in support of their recently released singles from their highly anticipated new album release “Up From The Rubble”.