Shannon Noll

His undeniable stage presence and unforgettable vocals and high energy performances has cemented the man more commonly known as “Nollsie” into Australia’s musical fibre! With certified triple-platinum sales, number #1 hits, five top 10 albums, 17 platinum and three gold accreditation, Shannon boasts a reputation as the only Australian male artist in national chart history to have ever achieved ten consecutive top ten singles. There is a reason fans connect to him as a person and as a performer.

So many have come and gone since Noll first came to Australia's attention in 2003. Part of Shannon's longevity and public appeal has been his 'what you get is what you see' attitude. Even a powerful voice can get lost in an industry that is so often about things other than the music. With the release of his single "Who I am" in September 2016, Noll proved in true Aussie style that he knows what's important. That he won’t back down when he's right and that he is comfortable with who he is. Based on the reaction to the video, which received over a million views after its release, his fans know who he is too and continue to come out to see him in droves.

As well as his live commitments, Nollsie is currently working on his next album which will, no doubt, only add to his success thus far. From farmhand to household name, Shannon Noll has never changed. Whether he is at the pub or in front of a 10,000 strong crowd, he delivers that heart pumping, raw, rock performance, in a way that only he can.