The Pacemakers

“In the early 60s, the nearest competitors to The Beatles in the UK were Gerry & The Pacemakers.”
Managed by Brian Epstein and produced by George Martin, the band were launched into the record books and will ultimately be remembered for being the first act to reach number one in the UK singles chart with their first three releases. They were “How Do You Do It”, “I Like It”, and the timeless “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” 50 years on, and The Pacemakers continue to delight their audience, taking them back to an era which arguably was the most popular time in contemporary music. Whilst continuing to play to packed audiences up and down the concert halls of the UK including The London Palladium and The Albert Hall, the band have also enjoyed many extensive tours of Canada, The States, Australia, Hong Kong, Hawaii, The Philippines and the length and breadth of Europe.
The Pacemakers act, although constantly evolving musically, never strays far from the catchy, seminal sound of the Merseyside era. Classics such as “Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying ” and” Ferry ’ Cross The Mersey” are featured and, alongside other hits penned by Gerry Marsden such as “I’m The One” and “It’s Gonna Be All Right”, display an already impressive back catalogue of chart hits. Renowned for their musicality and vocal harmonies, the band have also built up an impressive reputation for performing with and backing various celebrated artistes such as PJ Proby, Billy J Kramer, Dave Dee, Dave Berry, Wayne Fontana, Steve Ellis, Brian Poole, Tony Crane, Mike Pender, Chip Hawkes, Chris Farlowe and The Four Tops. This displays that not only are The Pacemakers a prevalent band in their own right but are also regularly requested to back many artistes from the 60s and 70s era.