Rock the Boat Cruise 4


It is with deep sadness that we mourn the passing of Angels lead singer Bernard "Doc " Neeson. 
Drummer, Graham "Buzz" Bidstrup said "Doc was really looking forward to performing on Rock the Boat 4 and the band had already begun to prepare for it.

In keeping with the tradition of "the show must go on" and as a mark of respect for Doc, the band have announced that the performance on the Rock the Boat 4 Cruise this year will now be held under the banner of "ROCK FOR DOC." 
When Doc was diagnosed with the brain tumor a benefit under the same name was held to raise funds for his treatment. 

The performance will feature a core band of former Angels members, Buzz, Bob, Jim and James who will encore this amazing show and will feature an array of headline guest singers including Angry Anderson, Jon English, Mark Gable, Brian Cadd and more. 

Rock the Boat 4 will host 2 incredible performances in a tribute to one of Australia’s greatest Rock Icon’s – Doc Neeson. 
Performing some of the greatest songs of our time – Together, let’s celebrate the life of this Australian Music Icon and Rock for Doc!

Another great live showman, Jim Hilbun has spent an impressive 18 years touring and recording with The Angels to date. The versatile US born bass player who joined for an American 'Angel City' tour in 1982, and ended up moving to Sydney, also handles a mean sax and loves to sing. Jim: 'I'm proud of my contribution to The Angels, and I'm looking forward to bangin' the boards as a 100 percenter. To me, music hasn't ever been about competition or politics, it's about sharing a joyous experience with the players and the listeners… That, the chicks, and making a quid... hopefully'.

Graham 'Buzz' Bidstrup joined The Angels in 1976, playing with them as the band sweated their way to being arguably the biggest in Australia. His total time in the band so far is 11 years. Known for his deft left hand swing, Bidstrup played on such Australian classics as Mondo Rock's 'Chemistry', Australian Crawl's 'Reckless' and all GANGgajang's recordings - and as Jimmy Little's long term drummer. Buzz: 'The Angels has been home to some very fine musicians in its nearly 40 years of gigging. Now I have the unique opportunity to play with three of those talented people who joined after I left but who were instrumental in forging their own part of The Angels history. This history continues to be written in 2013 with The Angels 100%'.

James Morley's played a little over three years with The Angels so far, joining in November '89. Tellingly, he played bass on The Angels' first number one national album Beyond Salvation. James is dying to get back on the road for The Angels 100% tour. 'There's a sense of pride … Coming off stage with The Angels, you're always on a major high', he said. James switches from bass to guitar, an instrument he's favoured in recent years, in this Angels line up.

Bob Spencer, gun guitar player and self-confessed ‘gig-junkie’, has blitzed Angels stages for seven and a half years so far. Spencer’s physicality on stage is only surpassed by his dedication to playing white-hot rhythm and lead. ‘I have fond memories of the energy of Angels gigs’, said the ex-Skyhook, ‘both from the band and the audience.’ 

The Angels were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 1998 and have released over 20 albums (more including reissues and remixes). Originally signed to Albert Productions on the recommendation of Bon Scott and Malcolm Young, they supported label mates AC/DC on their Australian tours High Voltage (1975) and Back in Black ('81). Although typically headlining, they've also supported David Bowie around Australia ('78) and Motley Crue in the US.