Rock the Boat Cruise 4

On the Prowl

On The ProwlOn The Prowl are Australia’s paramount classic rock & roll act.

Born from the re-formed heart of classic rockers Ol’ 55, they still tour nationally with originals Frankie J Holden and Wilbur Wilde. For 30 years they’ve prowled Australia’s best (and a few worst) venues, playing everywhere from big stadiums and festivals to cruises and clubland - rocking the bobbysox off ravers of all ages.

Between them, they boast over 300 years in rock – bassist Kim Constable with the Conway Bros, The Cadillacs, Wolverines Ross Wilson, Joe Camilleri...  keyboardist Rod Crundwell with Swanee, Lonnie Lee, Jimmy Little, Ross, Joe... sax player Mark Lord with Marcia Hines and Lucky Starr... drummer Terry Phillpot with Digger Revell.... guitarist Trevor Tuckwell with Seventh Heaven and many more.

Along their rocky road they’ve scored a People’s Choice Award for most popular rock & roll group, and a swag of Mo Award nominations – also fostering new talent by sponsoring Mo prizes.

Their many appearances on TV’s Marngrook Footy Show have made them a favourite with footy fans.

Their army of loyal fans say the Prowl have a unique ability to make rock & roll their own. Their zany, funny, unpredictable stage act rips and swaggers its gleeful way through a repertoire spanning a half-century of varied rock styles from the 50s to the 90s – and still growing. They don’t just “play covers”, they breathe spirited new life into great songs.