Rock the Boat Cruise 4

Vicky O'Keefe

Vicky O'Keefe, daughter of legendary Johnny O'Keefe, presents a unique tribute to her father which leaves her audience mesmerised, joyful and tearful after an emotional trip down memory lane.

Vicky presents a moving duet with her dad on the big screen akin to Nat and Natalie King Cole.  This was due to public demand, modern technology and a yearning to perform with her father after losing him at a very young age and never fulfilling the dream and plan of singing on stage together. She followed this with a tribute album/CD to her father, 'I'm Counting On You'.

Vicky started playing the piano when she was five and picked up a guitar shortly after.  Her mother and father both encouraged music in the family and her brothers also studied piano.  Coming from such a musical background it was a natural progression to also sing and write songs followed by regular live performances at school concerts.

Vicky was introduced to the music of Carole King, Elton John, Ray Charles and Janis Joplin through her father and these artists became major influences in her style and songwriting. She would frequently go to her father’s shows and watch his performances and connection with his audience very carefully. 

After losing her Dad at seventeen, Vicky threw herself into her music becoming a prolific songwriter and formed her first original rock band Vokrok, touring the east coast of Australia in the early 80's when the pub scene was booming.  She scored a publishing contract with Warners Music and a record deal with RCA records.  Her first international support tour was with the legendary Rick Nelson (garden party) followed by Suzie Quatro and America.  She also opened for Aussie rockers Midnight Oil, Goanna and Moving Pictures to name a few.

Vicky's soulful performances have matured and she has developed as an artist with a wonderful legacy. Vicky loves to 'Keep the Candle Burning' for her father and his memory alive with his fans.  

After Vicky’s very moving performances on Rock The Boat 2, we are delighted to welcome her back on board due to popular demand.