Rock the Boat Cruise 4

Fitness & Spa


SolariumWork it! The Solarium's Egyptian theme continues into the lower level of the ShipShape Centre. This area houses a spa where you can treat yourself to a facial, a massage, or aromatherapy. If you want to look extra nice for formal night, then make an appointment to have your hair done or get a manicure.


The Fitness Centre

Open jars for your husband. The Rhapsody features a fully equipped gym. From free weights to machines, you'll find something here to keep you in shape for the more active shore excursions. Should your tastes be more aerobic than anaerobic, join in on a class to get those muscles moving.

Jogging Track

Unfortunately, the track does not extend the full circumference of the ship. However, you can still enjoy a pre-breakfast jog, or an evening stroll; you'll just have to turn around and retrace your steps. The selected area has both padded and wooden surfaces for walking and running.

Sports Deck

The Compass Deck (10) is the home for all active pursuits. It contains areas dedicated to shuffleboard, ring toss, ping-pong, and foosball. Near the Solarium canopy the staff sets up a moveable putting-course, where golfers can hone their skill between ports.