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The centre of your cruising universe. Potted plants and a series of staircases divide the Rhapsody's atrium into several cozy areas where you can sip a cocktail amongst friends or simply take in the surroundings. Your eye will inevitably be drawn to the hanging centerpiece, a sculpture titled the Diadem. A graceful wooden spiral surrounds a cloisonn planet and a host of colorful spheres. A small waterfall trickles from beneath the stairs, creating a restful environment. Sofas and chairs gather on each of the Atrium's five decks, so you can enjoy the view from a variety of perspectives. Glass elevators transport you from the Main Deck (4), to the Sun Deck (9) and continue to the Viking Crown Lounge. The glass ceiling connecting the Atrium to the Crown, and an abundance of windows on every deck, allow natural light to flood the Centrum and provide a constant reminder that you're at sea.

Schooner BarMain Pool

Sea breezes and salty air. Oodles of deck chairs surround the main pool area. Join in for aqueous fun and games, or just sit and sun yourself. Four, canopy-covered whirlpools offer an additional level of relaxation in any weather. A small dance floor nearby is a great place to bop to the beat of the poolside band. So bring a book or a beach ball and head up to the Sun Deck (9). Hey, isn't this why you went on a cruise in the first place?


Schooner BarSolarium

Bathing in the Nile. A removable glass dome, called the crystal canopy, allows you to take the waters regardless of the weather outside. The Egyptian motif, complete with colorful tiles and painted pillars, will make you feel that you're partaking in the royal baths. If the greenhouse effect of the glass dome doesn't warm your blood, then maybe one of the two whirlpools will.

Moonlight Bay Lounge

When a private party or napkin-folding seminar isn't monopolizing the lounge, it makes for the perfect sea-gazing spot.

Explorers Club

When you're seeking solace from the endless supply of fun and games, hide out in the Explorers club. Just another example of the Rhapsody's "something (or someplace) for everyone."

Crown and Anchor Study

A great place to sit and read in the afternoon. In the evenings it's a gathering place for pipe and cigar smokers.


If the nightlife isn't your thing, then explore the starry skies from the observatory.

Purser's Desk

If you need help, here's the place to get it. You can also cash cheques, buy stamps, and send mail. Large brass portholes offer views of the surrounding ocean while your requests are being processed.

Shore Excursion Desk

Step right up and order your shore excursions. If you don't know what you want to do, then have a seat in one of the surrounding chairs and go over those options one more time.

Boutiques of Centrum

Walk down the winding way. The Rhapsody's curvy, marble-lined shopping hall is the only public area where you might forget you're on the ocean. Pop into the logo store for a Royal Caribbean souvenir t-shirt, or deck yourself out at the formal wear boutique and the jewellery store. Find your signature scent at the perfume shop. Forget anything? Supplement your supplies at the liquor and sundries shop.


Not just for bookworms. Sit and read or gaze out the window. The library is a great place to find some peace and quiet amidst the bustle of cruise life. You can also find an impressive array of reading material. Computer aides help you locate the book you're looking for. Every morning news releases from the "real world" are available in the library. Internet access is available from a small Cyber Cafe area within the library.

Card Room

Challenge your friends to the game of your choice. Sculpted hands holding fans of glass cards accent the wood and glass decor.

Conference Rooms

This 184-person meeting area can be converted into six small rooms. The rooms are also available for private parties or special occasions.

Photo Gallery

See your (and your cruise mate's) vacation memories, as captured by a professional photographer. Each day a new collection is posted.

Photo Shop

Drop off your film here, and see your vacation pictures tomorrow. Forget to bring your camera or film? No problem. Film and disposable cameras are available here for sale.

Medical Centre

The doctor is in. The Rhapsody's medical staff is ready to address any problems that arise